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fireproof document storage bag
  • fireproof document storage bag
  • Fireproof document bag
  • fireproof document storage bag
  • fireproof document bag

Fireproof document bag for money waterproof logo customization portable

Product Name fireproof document bag,fireproof bag
Material 100% Silicone coated fiberglass cloth
Colour grey/silvery/black/silver gray or customized
Size 38cmX28cmX0.4cm/37cmX28cmX0.4cm/23cmX13.5cmX2cm or customized
Function flame retardant,collect document,High temperature resistant,
waterproof,fireproof,Fire-resistant,protecting important file
Temperature resistance 550°C-1000°C
Feature Durable and reusable,High quality,Portable,fireproof,waterproof
Application School,Stationery shop,Office,Home,Car,Storage Cabinet,Airports,Fireproof Safe Box,Travel,CampingAnd Various Outdoor Activities
fireproof bag

fireproof document bag

fireproof money bag

fiberglass fireproof bag

  • Fireproof document bags are an essential item for anyone who wants to protect valuable documents and money from the risk of fire and water damage. Fireproof document bags provide maximum security and peace of mind, keeping important items safe in any emergency.
  • The primary feature of a fireproof document bag:
    1. High temperature resistance: Fireproof document bags are made of high-quality fireproof materials and can withstand high temperatures, usually up to 550 degrees Celsius. Ensures that documents, money, passports and other valuables will not be damaged even in the event of a fire.
    2.Waterproof: In the event of flooding, heavy rain, or firefighting efforts, the contents of the bag will remain dry and intact. Waterproofing is crucial because water damage can be just as devastating as fire, especially when important paperwork and currency are involved.
    3.Portability: Fireproof document bags are typically lightweight, compact, and easy to carry and store. Whether you need to quickly access valuable items in an emergency or just want to transport them safely, the portability of fire-resistant document bags makes them a convenient solution.

    Fireproof document bag

    fireproof office bag

    fireproof document bag

    fireproof bag for documents

    fireproof document bag

    fireproof file bag

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